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20 February 2019

What Kind of a Future Will Your Child Have Without Strong Math Skills?

Tanggal : 01-01-2012 23:12, dibaca 87984 kali.

Let’s face it. If your child can’t master mathematics, it’s going to be tough to get into college or a good trade or vocational school. And it will be even tougher to get and keep a good job, and advancement opportunities will be limited.
If you’re like a growing number of parents, you’ve watched your child struggle with math. All the extra studying in the world doesn’t seem to help. Maybe you’ve even thought about hiring a tutor but hesitated because of the expense. Or maybe you were concerned that a tutor wouldn’t know were to start with your child. It’s frustrating for both you and your child. You know you have to do something, but what?
Finally! An Internet-based math tutoring program that identifies exactly where your child needs help and then creates a personal instruction plan tailored to your child’s specific needs.
•    3-step process is easy to follow
•    Convenient “anytime, anywhere” Internet access
•    Proven system in use since 2004
•    Thousands have improved their math skills
•    Works for all levels, including Special Ed
•    Covers basic arithmetic to advanced concepts
•    New! Progress reports for parents
•    Now in English and Spanish!
Works for all students! - from special education to English language learners - can improve their math skills and test scores using the patent-pending methodology found in Succeed in: Math!® software.
Thousands have achieved results! More than 10,000 U.S. public school students increased their math scores using Succeed in: Math!® software program!
Proven methodology! Research conducted for the Clark County School District in Nevada, 5th largest district in the U.S., proves that students who use Succeed in: Math!® improve their math skills and increase test scores!
Key results delivered! Gives your child the math skills required for high school graduation and exit exams.
Not a “one-size-fits-all” approach! Assesses your child’s specific needs then creates a Personal Instruction Plan from our library of math modules. Include interactive math practice and quizzes at the end of each module to improve math skills and make sure your child fully understands the materials presented before going to the next module.
Easy to use! If your child can use a computer and access the Internet, he or she can use the Succeed in: Math!® program. And your child can access the program anytime from any computer with Internet access.
Parents in the loop! Our exclusive, Parent Information Page provides YOU with detailed reports of your child’s progress so you can monitor your child’s success and give them encouragement.
Bilingual narration helps Spanish-speaking students! Our bilingual math program helps Spanish-speaking students improve their math skills. Succeed in: Math!® software contains complete bilingual explanations for all math content. Students must be able to understand all the material presented to them in order to learn. Succeed in: Math!® helps English Language Learners.
          What kind of child will benefit from the Succeed in: Math!® program?          
•    Students who need a reminder of material previously learned
•    Students for whom English is not their primary language
•    Students who have problems keeping up with classroom instruction
•    Students who may benefit from a different explanation of math concepts
•    Students who learn a bit more slowly than their peers
•    Students who have difficulty concentrating in class
•    Students who suffer with specific learning disabilities
•    Students who are motivated to fully prepare for high stakes exams
Succeed in: Math!® software was developed to help students improve math skills and prepare for high stakes exams, like high school proficiency or exit exams. Many students need a gentle reminder of math concepts they’ve learned earlier in their school careers. Some never fully learned concepts presented in lower grades and have been unable to succeed since. Some students feel peer pressure in classroom situations and are too embarrassed to admit they don’t understand and need additional help.
Succeed in: Math!® software is self-paced, so students learn at their own speed with no pressure or time constraints. They can take as much time as needed to grasp math concepts. They can view content multiple times to gain subject mastery. check this out for more information

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